I have known Dina for over ten years and have worked with her for the last five years. I can say that Dina is one of the happiest and energetic people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Rarely in my business life have I worked with a colleague that loves their job more than their paycheck. Dina has always been devoted to her clients at any hour of the day, to a point where I have told her to not respond to issues after a certain hour, However I am always met with the response “Why not, I love what I do!”..its hard to argue with that.

Dina’s passion for her work is also matched by her design skill as well as her organizational skills. One of the most important details in Architecture is the line of communication from office to the field, where specific details rely upon more than just drawings. This is where Dina shines. She communicates with the client, the architect, the builder, the supplier and the sub-contractor on every detail. I have been blessed to have her as part of my team servicing our clients. She has significantly increased my company’s ability to better serve our clients as well as deliver a higher quality at the end of the day.

Dina’s devotion to her craft and my business is unmatched by any other I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Wayland Shamburger, Owner
Shamburger Architectural Group

Dina and I started working together on my project in WNC in 2014. I honestly don’t know what I would of done without her! After meeting and discussing my likes and dislikes she hit the ground running. I absolutely loved every idea she had and I now have a beautiful home that I will enjoy for many years to come. Thank you again Dina and August Interiors!

Melony Osterhout
Whittier, NC

Dina and I have been working together for almost 3 years. She and I have managed numerous clients with a high level of success. Dina is wonderful with the clients and always available to care for their needs. She's done an excellent job of helping clients sort through the confusion of making selections all while ensuring they have a fun and rewarding home building experience.

Dina has a unique ability to draw out and identify each client's "taste". Using that information she will guide the selection process in a direction that always ends in a stellar finished product. She knows how to get clients what they want without going over budget.

I couldn't imagine managing our business without her contribution. I would recommend Dina without question.

Jeff Tacy, Project Manager
Western North Carolina

Dina has played such a large part in making the building of our House on the Hill, in Grand Highlands, such a pleasure. Her personal warmth and interest in our home was apparent at our first meeting. She and Anjie (my wife) were quickly "up to speed" on our general design/hopes, as well as many particulars. Our infrequent (we live in Indiana) but productive meetings were possible largely due to unique mix of pleasant conversational inquiry, listening with interest, and followed by expert guidance.

Dina has worked seamlessly with our contractor and crew. Her knowledge of products and vendors, frequently guiding our meetings with them, has streamlined the experience. Her design consultation has allowed a speed and ease of the out of state construction that has surprised and delighted us. What a blessing!

Thank you Dina!

Kurt Retrum
Grand Highlands @ Bearwallow Mountain