Monday Morning Inspiration

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There is not a project that I work on that doesn’t inspire me in some way.  There is always a “take-away” that I carry with me forward.  The great thing about what I do is that with every different client..every different site location..every different vision..comes a completely blank slate to work with…though basic knowledge and skills are always brought to the table ..the first time meeting with a client always feels like that moment when you get out a clean sheet of paper while holding a newly sharpened pencil..endless possibilities.

I am currently lucky enough to be working with Shamburger Architectural Group on an extraordinary reclaimed timber frame project six hours away in Northern Kentucky.  Not only is the architectural design amazing but the clients are equally amazing as well.  Every conversation with them is like opening a box who’s lid is bursting with dreams and ideas..always pushing the scope of what’s possible..incorporating the sometimes unconventional and innovative ideas in their minds and making them into their forever..their sanctuary..their home..

Enjoy this video by Carolina Timberworks of the project ..some projects..they just feed your soul!

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